How to choose an aerator in a pond at the bottom of a hard pool

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How to choose an aerator in a pond at the bottom of a hard pool

Update:17 Oct 2019

he main function of the aquatic aerator is to increase […]

he main function of the aquatic aerator is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish in the water will not be deprived of oxygen. At the same time, it can also inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water and prevent the deterioration of the water in the fish pond. living environment. The diversity of farmed fish has resulted in different material at the bottom of the pond. For the fish pond with a hard bottom, how should we choose an aerator? Let's take a look at it today.

The aerator is generally driven by an air pump on the equipment to pump air into the water to increase the oxygen content in the water. There are also many types of aerators, their characteristics and working principles are also different, the difference in oxygenation effect is relatively large, and the applicable range is also different. We can choose the right aerator according to the oxygen content of different farming systems. What type of aerator should be used for the hard bottom, for the farming staff, the following aspects may need to be considered. The purpose of using an aerator is to increase dissolved oxygen into the water. It is necessary to consider the solubility and dissolution rate of oxygen, including water temperature, salt content in water, and oxygen partial pressure. The water temperature and the salt content in the water need to be stabilized within a certain range. If it is desired to increase oxygen to the water body, it can be completed by changing the partial pressure of oxygen, the contact area and mode of water and oxygen, and the movement state of water molecules.

For fish ponds at the bottom of hard tanks, a submerged aerator is recommended. This aerator is a machine that is often used in fish farming. Xiaobian first introduces its characteristics. It works like a small aerator. It takes in the surrounding air and then compresses it. When the lower layer of the pool water is injected at a high speed, the purpose of aeration and oxygenation of the inferior bottom water can be achieved. The noise is relatively small, and the work efficiency is good, and the oxygen amount can be supplemented in a short time. For small hard bottoms, it is more suitable, because such fish ponds generally have a small area and the oxygen demand is not very large. For the pond with such a hard bottom, the following points should be noted when selecting an aerator. The mechanical components are used to agitate the water body to facilitate flow exchange and interface renewal. The aerator needs to make the water a small droplet and increase the contact area between water and oxygen. By inhaling by a negative pressure, the gas is dispersed into microbubbles and is easily pressed into the water. Various types of aerobic opportunities are designed and manufactured according to different requirements, in order to better promote the dissolution of oxygen in water.