How to better regulate dissolved oxygen by water wheel aerator

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How to better regulate dissolved oxygen by water wheel aerator

Update:08 Nov 2019

During the daytime, the oxygen produced by phytoplankto […]

During the daytime, the oxygen produced by phytoplankton in the downwind of the fish pond and the oxygen dissolved in the air are always more than the upwind, and the greater the wind, the greater the difference in dissolved oxygen content between the upper and lower parts. At night, on the contrary, because there are more plankton and organic matter in the downwind of the fish pond at night, the oxygen consumption is higher at night, so there is more dissolved oxygen in the upper wind than in the downwind. Regularly add new water. In the case of high-density farming, there are more residual baits and dirt in fish ponds, and anaerobic fermentation produces harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, which deteriorates the water body, especially in the summer high temperature season, the water quality changes faster, so regular water injection is regulated. Water quality is one of the most commonly used and most economical methods. Generally, fresh water is added once every 7 days to 10 days, and water is added every time from 15 cm to 20 cm.

When the deterioration of the pool water is serious, it is advisable to adopt water exchange measures to maintain good water quality conditions. For ponds that are dominated by carp and carp, the color of the water should be green or brown, with a transparency of 20 cm to 30 cm. Ponds with grass and carp are more watery and squid ponds are lighter, every 7 New water should be poured once a day for about 10 days, and the water level should be raised from 15 meters to 20 centimeters each time. Fish ponds should be kept at the highest water level in summer.

1. Stir the sediment regularly. Stirring the sediment can promote the continuous decomposition of the substrate and indirectly control the change of water quality. Generally, it is stirred once every 10 days to 15 days. The agitation area is not less than 1/3 of the water area, and the stirring effect is best at noon on sunny days, but do not stir when the temperature is low and the pressure is low.

2. Increase the oxygen with an aerator. The intensive pond should be equipped with a special aerator. Among them, the impeller type is the best. The oxygen can make the water convection, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water and emit toxic gas. Pay attention to the opening at noon on a sunny day, open in the cloudy morning, and rain in the middle of the night. On, each boot time is 1 hour - 4 hours. Generally, the oxygen can be turned on at 2 noon to 3 pm on a sunny day, and the oxygen can be activated when there is a danger of floating head.