How can I install a fish pond aerator?

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How can I install a fish pond aerator?

Update:27 May 2022

Fish pond aerator equipment is a special kind of equipm […]

Fish pond aerator equipment is a special kind of equipment. In the process of actual installation, I believe most people may want to know how to do effective installation. After all, this kind of equipment should be taken into consideration when installing it. many things.


(1) When you decide to follow the equipment of the fish pond aerator, you must carefully read the instruction manual of the entire equipment or the sample of the entire equipment, to be familiar with and understand the specifications and forms of the entire equipment, and to understand The rotation direction of the impeller, in addition, during the installation process, it is best to know the outflow direction of the entire body, check the various parts of the fish pond aerator, and see if these parts are in good condition, otherwise, we should wait until After they are repaired, they are then used for installation.



(2) When the equipment such as fish pond aerator is installed again, look at the actual situation on the installation device to avoid more accidents with these safety devices, because professionals who are familiar with the relevant requirements are installing them. These things will be avoided, so if it is installed by non-professionals, it is necessary to ensure the installation effect as much as possible.


(3) During the installation of the fish pond aerator equipment, the inlet and outlet air ducts are supported separately, and it is not allowed to put all the overlapping weight of the entire duct on the parts of the fan, and this equipment must be installed when it is installed. Pay attention to the horizontal position of the entire equipment, and adjust the connection between the fan or the joint surface of the foundation and the air outlet duct to make them fit naturally and cannot be forcibly welded.


(4) The wiring of the fish pond aerator equipment must be a professional electrician wiring, and all wiring must be reliable.