Effective method of increasing dissolved oxygen in aquaculture aerator

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Effective method of increasing dissolved oxygen in aquaculture aerator

Update:14 Jul 2020

Oxygen aerator is an effective method to increase the a […]

Oxygen aerator is an effective method to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen. In addition to increasing oxygen, it can also promote the circulation of water and prevent the temperature stratification, chemical stratification and oxygen stratification of the water body. At the same time, the aerator must be operated in the depth of the pond in order to improve the soil quality at the bottom of the pond, aerate the bottom soil and avoid the generation of toxic gases, so as to effectively prevent the possibility of disease and death of aquatic animals.


Oxygen aerator is a device that drives working parts through a power source such as an electric motor or diesel engine, so that the "oxygen" in the air can be quickly transferred to the aquaculture water body. It can comprehensively use physical, chemical and biological functions, which can not only solve pond culture The problem of the floating head of fish due to lack of oxygen in the middle, and can eliminate harmful gases, promote water convection exchange, improve water quality conditions, reduce feed coefficient, improve fish pond activity and primary productivity, which can increase stocking density and increase the feeding intensity of farming objects , Promote growth, greatly increase the yield per mu, and fully achieve the purpose of increasing farming income.


At present, there are the following types of traditional aerators in the market:

Impeller type aerator: It has the comprehensive effects of aeration, water stirring and gas explosion. It is the most used aerator at present, with an annual output value of about 150,000-200,000 units. Its aeration capacity and power efficiency are superior to other machines. Type, but the operation noise is relatively large, and it is generally used for pond culture in a large area with a water depth of less than 1 meter.

Waterwheel aerator: It has good aeration effect and promotes the flow of water. It is suitable for ponds with deep sludge.
Jet aerator: Its aerator's power efficiency is higher than that of waterwheel type, inflatable type, water spray type and other types of aerator. Its simple structure can form water flow and stir water. The jet-type aerator can aerate the water body gently without damaging the fish body, and is suitable for aeration in the fry pond.

Water-spraying aerator: It has a good aeration function, which can quickly increase the dissolved oxygen content of the surface water body in a short time, and it also has an artistic ornamental effect. It is suitable for use in gardens or tourist areas.

Aeration pump: Because of its lightness, easy operation and single aeration function, it is generally suitable for use in fry cultivation ponds or greenhouse breeding ponds with a water depth of less than 1.0 m and an area of ​​less than 1 mu.

Aeration and aeration technology is a new type of pond culture technology developed in recent years. Its working principle is mainly to use advanced nano technology to compress air through an air compressor to be distributed in the aeration plate close to the bottom of the pond for aeration, so as to achieve the effect of three-dimensional oxygenation of the pond from the bottom. Compared with the traditional surface mechanical oxygenation, it has the advantages of uniform oxygenation area, balanced oxygenation level, less mechanical energy consumption, and obvious effect of improving the bottom environment. It has the following characteristics:


1. A V-shaped bubble is formed on the bottom of the water when oxygen is added. When the water depth is about 2 meters, a V-shaped aerobic disc atomizing bubble can reach 3-4 meters wide; a 0.2 meter diameter aerator plate can effectively increase the oxygen area of ​​350 square meters, the bubble diameter is 3.5UU, large contact area with water, can dissolve oxygen at the bottom of the pond water at 6-8 g/l, accelerate the oxidation function of harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the water body, and degrade the toxicity of aquatic organisms Side effects, inhibit excessive eutrophication of water bodies, and improve the living environment of aquatic products.


2. Compared with other aeration methods, aeration and aeration are static oxygenation at the bottom, which has the least impact on the normal life of aquaculture products, so it can increase the adaptability of aquaculture products, increase appetite, shorten the aquaculture growth cycle, and stocking density. Can reach about 1.5 times the original, while improving output while improving quality. Get the best economic benefit.