Effect of aerator on wastewater treatment project

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Effect of aerator on wastewater treatment project

Update:19 Jan 2020

With the rapid development of society, the amount of wa […]

With the rapid development of society, the amount of wastewater generated by industry is gradually increasing. How to properly treat industrial wastewater is a huge project. As an important equipment, sewage treatment engineering plays a key role as an aerator. The working principle of the submersible jet aerator is to generate powerful axial thrust and radial mixing. The impeller of the submersible jet aerator rotates at high speed, sucks the broken bubbles into small bubbles, mixes the power of gas and water, and the submerged aeration tank aeration and Stirred reactor and dual function.

The submerged jet aerator is rotated at high speed several times and the strong shear flow impeller is formed, and the gas and water are cut into small bubbles uniformly. The axial thrust of the micro-bubble diameter impeller and the formation of the submerged jet aerator are injected with air and water. 30 Meter-gas-water mixed stream strength of water. Corresponding range. The motor of the rotary submersible jet aerator directly drives the impeller, and the low pressure is at the water inlet. At the same time, the air sucked in by the inlet of the impeller of the vacuum submersible jet aerator is mixed with the water in the mixing chamber, and then rapidly by centrifugal force.

Water jets are caused by strong convection, effective circulation, and submerged jet aerators are divided into many small bubbles. An atmosphere of slowly rising bubbles dissolved in water. Because the foam is large, small and has a large surface area, the ventilation of the diving jet aerator from Marie to the gas unit is significantly higher than other types. Depending on the process requirements of the sewage treatment plant, the advance submersible jet aerator should be guaranteed to be between 0.15 and 0.3 meters per second. If the speed is lower than 0.15 meters per second, the mixing effect is not recommended, and the speed exceeding 0.3 meters per second will be Impact of garbage. Before selecting a submersible jet aerator, determine the low-speed propulsion use, such as: sewage sludge ponds, ponds, biochemical tanks; secondly, the parameters of the medium, such as suspended solids content, viscosity, temperature, pH value and shape and depth of the molten pool.

Therefore, in this era of increasing demand, aerators are developing rapidly, and under different conditions, different types of ventilation equipment are selected according to different needs. At the same time, the technical content improves the ventilation device more effectively. Through the development of science and technology, a long wastewater treatment aerator has been developed.