Classification of pond aerators

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Classification of pond aerators

Update:15 Mar 2019

Now our living standards have improved, our production […]

Now our living standards have improved, our production technology has been improved, the emergence and use of aerators have been widely used in our fisheries farming, and have been recognized and accepted by the public. Our captive fisheries, lack of oxygen, require oxygenation. The use of the machine to improve the quality of our farming and the efficiency of farming, let us understand the classification of aerators:

Impeller aerator
It has the combined functions of aeration, water agitation and gas explosion. It is the most widely used aerator. The annual output value is about 150,000 units. Its oxygen-enhancing capacity and power efficiency are better than other models, but the operation noise is relatively large. It is used for large-scale pond culture with a water depth of 1 m or more.

Waterwheel aerator
It has a good effect of activating oxygen and promoting the flow of water. It is suitable for ponds with a deep sludge and an area of ​​1000 to 2 540 m2.

Jet aerator
The aeration machine has an aerobic power efficiency exceeding that of a water tank type, a gas-filled type, a water spray type, etc., and has a simple structure, can form a water flow, and stirs a water body. The jet aerator can gently aerate the water body without damaging the fish body. It is suitable for aerobic pond oxygenation. We have learned about the use and type of our aerators, which makes our selection more convenient.