Aquatic aerator describes the comparison of different types of aerators

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Aquatic aerator describes the comparison of different types of aerators

Update:28 Nov 2019

Aquatic aerators describe dynamic aerators are a new ty […]

Aquatic aerators describe dynamic aerators are a new type of aerators, which are fixed-type micro-bubble aerators. It consists of a dome, a rotary mixing cylinder, a rotary mixing ring, a sleeve hoop, and an air distribution pipe. . The dynamic aerator adopts the large-hole air-distribution technology, and the air introduced into the aerator is guided in the forward and reverse directions, respectively. The positive and negative directions are clockwise and counter-clockwise. Under the action of two different directions of vortex, a gas-liquid enhanced vortex mixing area with instantaneous and local reactions is formed in the sleeve vortex mixing tube. A large number of bubbles generated by the swirling and swirling flow, and then through the circular shield to block the diffusion, the bubbles are evenly and densely generated upwards. In general, dynamic aerators have various structural effects such as large-bore two-way rotary mixing, sleeve-enhanced rotary mixing, and round hoods to prevent diffusion, so that the gas phase collides, shears, and divides in the liquid phase to form mixed diffusion. . Aquatic aerator describes that because the dynamic aerator uses large-hole exhaust, even after the wind and pressure are stopped, the sewage will flow back into the aerator and the gas distribution pipe, which will not cause the exhaust hole to be blocked, thereby fundamentally solving the problem. The problem of aerator clogging can keep the oxygen utilization rate unchanged for a long time.


However, due to the larger diameter of the bubble, the oxygen utilization rate is lower than that of the microporous aerator. Similar to the structure and performance of the dynamic aerator, there is a rotary mixing aerator. The comparison between the rocker microporous aerator and the dynamic aerator, in addition to the above-mentioned differences in bubble diameter, oxygen utilization rate, and whether it is easy to block, there are several differences between the two. The aerator is movable installation. When the aerator needs to be replaced or overhauled, the aerator can be lifted out of the water and repaired on the surface of the pool without affecting the work of other aerators in the same pool. Stop the pool to purify water, low maintenance cost and less workload.


Aquatic aerators describe that dynamic aerators are fixed installations. Once the installation is completed, they cannot be moved. If an aeration tank needs to be repaired, the operation of the aeration tank must be stopped, and the sewage and sludge in the tank must be mixed Construction can only be performed after the materials are removed, and the maintenance cost is high. The failure forms of the rocker-type microporous aerator mainly include the following three types of steel cloth gas pipes: rust, iron oxide and sewage and air debris can cause blockage in the aeration pipe, and the airflow in the aeration pipe is unevenly distributed, making The aeration tube trembles, causing fatigue damage. The aeration pipe is installed on the pipe joint. Under the dual effects of aeration pipe shaking and sewage corrosion, the pipe joint is easily broken from the root, and the corrosion of sewage will also cause the wall of the gas distribution pipe to be thin and perforated. The underwater rocker joints are immersed in water for a long time, and may not be able to rotate due to rust and other reasons, so that the aerator cannot be normally raised to the water surface. The failure of dynamic aerators is caused by fatigue or corrosion. The components of the aeration head, such as the dome cover, the rotary mixing cylinder, and the rotary mixing ring, are broken or loose, causing the aeration head to disintegrate or fall off. . The gas pipe is broken. The gas distribution pipe is generally made of non-metallic pipes. The pipes and pipes, and the pipes and fittings are usually glued with glue. Once they are not firmly bonded, they are easy to fall off and leak from the adhesion. Because of the advantages of high aerobic utilization and convenient maintenance, rocker-type microporous aerators are mostly used in primary biochemical systems with heavy production loads and poor sewage and water quality. The fixed dynamic aerator is generally used in secondary biochemical systems with lower production load and better sewage water quality because of its lower aerobic utilization rate but long-term maintenance, difficult maintenance, and long service life.