Aquaculture aerator breeding essential

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Aquaculture aerator breeding essential

Update:09 Mar 2019

The aerator is mainly used in the oxygen supply of our […]

The aerator is mainly used in the oxygen supply of our fish farming. Now the living standard is improved. Our use of aerators is relatively common. Now the company specializes in the industry and is recognized and concerned by consumers. Below, we will briefly understand the essential use of our aerators:
The density of breeding is mu production: high is more, but low is less.
Drainage energy consumption: If the energy consumption of intake and drainage is less, the aerator can be considered less; the energy consumption is larger and the configuration should be larger.
Economic analysis: Consider the relative ratio of electricity and shrimp prices. If the local electricity tariff is relatively high and the shrimp price is relatively low, consider less allocation; China is a world's largest fishery producer. In the past two decades, fishery production has been among the highest in the world. The total output value of domestic fisheries has accounted for 10% of the country's total agricultural output. China's aquaculture has gradually developed towards high density and intensification, and the total aquaculture production has increased year by year. This is inseparable from the mechanization of the aquaculture industry, especially the widespread use of aerators. It can be said that the aerator is an essential equipment necessary for the modernization of the fishery.