Analyze the operating precautions of the impeller aerator!

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Analyze the operating precautions of the impeller aerator!

Update:05 Nov 2021

The impeller aerator has an emergency oxygenation funct […]

The impeller aerator has an emergency oxygenation function. It is one of the fastest oxygenation equipment in the mechanical oxygenation equipment, which can rapidly increase the dissolved oxygen in the surrounding water body and form a relatively oxygen-rich area around the aerator. This is also the reason why the impeller aerator can effectively prevent the fish from floating. one. The following are some precautions when using the impeller aerator. The following aerator manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction!


I am used to "raising big fish in deep water". The water depth of fish ponds is generally around 2.0m, and fish ponds with a water depth of more than 2m use mechanical aerators. Only the impeller aerator can make the oxygen go deep into the bottom of the pool. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to configure a 3KW aerator for every 5-6 acres of water surface.


The dissolved oxygen in the pond mainly comes from the photosynthesis of phytoplankton in the water and the integration of air. The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is related to weather, water temperature and air pressure. Therefore, under the premise of reducing the start-up cost, it is necessary to rationally use the aerator in different seasons and weather conditions to achieve a good oxygenation effect. In different seasons, the following principles should be mastered for the rational use of aerators:

1. Summer high temperature season: Start in the sunny afternoon (11:00-16:00); the oxidation of aquaculture waters mainly depends on photosynthesis. The afternoon is a rich time of the day, and it is also a time when photosynthesis of phytoplankton in the water is active. Since the photosynthesis in the deep water body can only reach twice the transparent depth of the water body, when the dissolved oxygen on the surface of the fish pond reaches supersaturation, the middle bottom water body is still in an oxygen-deficient state.


At this time, the mixing and aeration functions of the impeller aerator should be used to bring the upper layer of supersaturated dissolved oxygen water to the middle and lower layer, and the middle and lower layer of anoxic water to the upper layer for photosynthesis. At the same time, harmful gases at the bottom of the pond, such as Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon monoxide are brought to the surface to increase the overall dissolved oxygen level of the fish pond water body and reduce harmful substances in the water body.


2. Start in the early morning (23:00-5:00); in the early morning, the dissolved oxygen in the pond water is low during the day, especially in high-density fish ponds. The dissolved oxygen in the water body is less than 2 mg/L, and fish floating heads often appear during this period; when the aerator in this section is started, a relatively oxygen-rich area can be formed around the aerator to prevent floating heads and pool turning accidents.


3. Rainy weather: As the photosynthetic capacity of the fish pond water is poor, the oxygenation of the aerator is mainly used to maintain the dissolved oxygen in the fish pond water. The start-up time should be increased, divided into 6:00-9:00, 16:00- 20:00, 00:00-5:00, etc. The start-up time should be controlled according to the water temperature. If the water temperature is high, the start-up time should be increased.


4. Rainy season: Floating heads and turning pools are prone to occur during the rainy season. Due to the low air pressure, the oxygen in the air is difficult to dissolve into the water body. At this time, the oxygenation efficiency of the aerator is also low. Start the machine 24 hours a day to prevent the pond from rolling over due to lack of oxygen in the water body.