Analysis on the main purpose of fish pond aerator

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Analysis on the main purpose of fish pond aerator

Update:03 Dec 2021

Fish pond aerator is a kind of machine often used in fi […]

Fish pond aerator is a kind of machine often used in fish breeding industry. Its main function is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish in the water will not be hypoxic. At the same time, it can inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water and prevent the deterioration of the pond water from threatening the living environment of fish. Fish pond aerators generally rely on their own air pumps to draw air into the water to achieve the purpose of increasing the oxygen content in the water.


The fish pond aerator of the aerator manufacturer is a kind of equipment that drives the working parts through a power source such as a motor or a diesel engine, so that the "oxygen" in the air is quickly transferred to the aquaculture water. The comprehensive utilization of physical, chemical, and biological functions can not only solve the problem of fish floating heads caused by hypoxia in pond aquaculture, but also eliminate harmful gases, promote convective exchange of water bodies, improve water quality conditions, reduce feed coefficients, and increase fish pond activities and primary Productivity, thereby increasing stocking density and increasing the number of breeding objects. Strengthen breeding, promote growth, greatly increase yield per mu, and fully achieve the purpose of increasing income from breeding.


There are also many types of fish pond aerators, their characteristics and working principles are also different, the aeration effects are also very different, and the scope of application is also different. The manufacturer of aerator accessories recommends that the manufacturer choose the appropriate one according to the needs of different aquaculture systems for dissolved oxygen. The fish pond aerator has good economic efficiency.



1. Improve the pond
When the fish pond is lack of oxygen, turn on the fish pond aerator to prevent the fish from "floating heads". When the dissolved oxygen in the upper layer is high on a sunny day, it can accelerate water convection and increase the dissolved oxygen in the middle and lower layers of the water body, which is conducive to the rapid growth of fish and shrimp, reduces the feed coefficient, promotes the oxidation and decomposition of organic matter, and reduces the occurrence of diseases. In addition, the circulation of the water body also promotes the reproduction and growth of plankton and improves the primary productivity of the pond.

It can be seen that the role of the fish pond aerator is not only to increase oxygen to the water body, but also to effectively promote the improvement of the primary productivity and self-purification capacity of the pond, thereby improving the water quality and the pond ecological environment. The water cycle it produces is not suitable for the life habits of some breeding objects such as eels and shrimps, but it has a good effect on promoting the healthy and rapid growth of fish and shrimps.


2. Shrimp farm configuration
The configuration of the fish pond aerator is mainly determined by the water source conditions, aquaculture density, and the total energy consumption of water intake and drainage.

① Water source status: Whether the water source is abundant and whether the water quality is maintained in good condition. If the water quality is good, you can consider using it less, otherwise, you can use more. Change the water only when the water quality is good.

②The breeding density is the yield per mu: the higher the more, the lower the less.

③Drainage energy consumption: If the energy consumption of the inlet and outlet is low, the fish pond aerator can be considered less equipped. The energy consumption is large, and the amount of configuration is large.

④ Economic analysis: Consider the relative proportion of electricity bills and shrimp prices. If the local electricity bill is relatively high and the price of prawns is relatively low, you can consider using less. Instead, more matches.