Analysis of the small knowledge of oxygen generators!

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Analysis of the small knowledge of oxygen generators!

Update:26 Nov 2021

The buoy cylinder of the oxygency buoy high-density bre […]

The buoy cylinder of the oxygency buoy high-density breeding equipment uses high-density synthetic materials, corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance, long service life, is 8 times the steel float. It is made of anti-corrosion, antifreeze, anti-oxidation, and purple wire, is not affected by seawater, chemicals, oil stains, and aquatic substances, no pollution, and no destruction.


The influence of old water on the aquaculture is mainly reflected in the entire cultured water body loss of vitality, the algae metabolic capacity aging, the photosynthetic ability, and the oxygen production capacity are lowered, resulting in low dissolved oxygen content in the water body, and inevitably drop due to water quality The organic matter in the water cannot be decomposed in time, and the concentration is concentrated, and the hydrostation is inevitable. Since algae cannot utilize excess nitrogen fertilizers, the cultured hydrodynamic cycle is not smooth, there is a series of problems such as excess ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, resulting in anorexia, slow growth, or algae aging.

The oxygen generator reminds you if this water quality is not treated in time, it is easy to develop in the direction of dark brown water and turning water, and the aqua becomes dark or milky white. With the death of a large amount of floating plants and the decomposition of organic matter, the water quality becomes clear, the pool water has become smell, and the toxic substance is constantly accumulating. Water quality indicators (dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, etc.) of aquaculture water, often cause serious pollution, fish floating in the fish pond or even death.


If the oxygenator fitting starts splashing water, the water is turbid yellow green, the surface has foam and suspended matter, indicating that the water has begun aging. Taking, water, activated algae growth should be treated, maintain good aqua, matrix improvement and oxidation.


In the later stage, the watercum crystal crystal clearing of the pontoon of the oxygency-enriched body breeding equipment, there is no color, indicating that the degree of aging of the water is very aging. There is poor algae activity in water body, small algae, more algae, low dissolved oxygen. It is necessary to supplement new water in time, fertilize algae, and purify the bottom mud, otherwise it is prone to accidents or diseases.