Analysis of how to increase oxygen in aquaculture

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Analysis of how to increase oxygen in aquaculture

Update:24 Dec 2021

In the aquaculture process, more or less oxygen in the […]

In the aquaculture process, more or less oxygen in the water body will affect aquatic animals in the water body to a certain extent; how much is the water body dissolved oxygen? What can we do to keep sufficient dissolved oxygen in water? The oxygen generator is introduced to you.


First, the source of dissolved oxygen in water
1. Source of hydrate dissolve oxygen: When the water is dissolved in oxygen, oxygen in the atmosphere penetrates into the water body.

2, dissolve oxygen in water from the photosynthesis of plants in water.

3, manual machinery is oxygenated.



Second, suitable for the oxygen value of aquatic animals
During the aquaculture process, the dissolved oxygen value in the water should be maintained at 5 mg / L-8 mg / L as Z appropriate.

When the dissolved oxygen is less than 4 mg / L in the water body; most of the shrimps are concentrated on the float in the water.

When dissolved in the water body is higher than 10 mg / L; excessive dissolved oxygen in the shrimp causes bubble.


Third, how to use an oxygen generator rationally oxygen
1, sunny day open aerator: light in sunny day is relatively strong, the light in the middle of the water is relatively weak. The oxygen generator accessory manufacturer turns on the aerator to dissolve the upper and lower distribution of oxygen in the pool.

2, the next day, the next day, the oxygen generator is opened early: When the air is warm, the atmospheric pressure is relatively strong, the water is oxygen is high, and the dissolved oxygen pond in the water is low. Generally, the oxygen will be relatively low after 3 o'clock in the evening; then it should be opened. Foot aerator; when it comes out, it can be closed.

3, the rain must be exposed in the evening: the light in the rain is relatively weak; the water dissolved oxygen is relatively low. After 12 o'clock, the shrimp is easy to float; therefore, there must be a sufficient aerator to increase the dissolved oxygen of the water body.

4, open the exposure before and after filling: turn on the aerator at this time, effectively let the fish and shrimp eat; speed up the feeding speed of fish shrimp.