Advantages of frequency conversion aerator during use

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Advantages of frequency conversion aerator during use

Update:27 Jul 2020

1. The frequency conversion aerator has low noise and t […]

1. The frequency conversion aerator has low noise and the transmission efficiency reaches 88%, which greatly improves the various disadvantages of the gear transmission of the traditional impeller and extends the service life.


2. Frequency conversion aerator electric control mode, when the voltage is high or low, the controller automatically frequency conversion, without affecting the aeration ability. The frequency converter of frequency conversion aeration is a power control device that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control AC motors by changing the frequency of the motor's working power supply. The frequency conversion aeration frequency converter is mainly composed of rectification, filtering, inverter, braking unit, driving unit, detection unit and micro processing unit. I don’t understand so many technical terms, right? Think about the advantages of our inverter air conditioners. The intelligent frequency conversion aerator is one of the core advantages of this spike traditional impeller!

3. The frequency conversion aerator adopts 220V voltage, which avoids motor damage caused by lack of phase. The gospel of remote mountainous areas makes up for the vacancy in this market.


4. The frequency conversion aerator uses the American IR company's CPU control software, which has great room for improvement in future intelligent breeding technology. The frequency conversion aerator is composed of a controller, a frequency conversion permanent magnet motor, an impeller, a floating ball, and a support rod. The plastic floating ball is produced from imported raw materials, and has light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, and long service life. The frequency conversion aerator has the advantages of large torque, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and low vibration. Compared with the traditional aerator, it can save about 30% of electricity. At the same time, the voltage requirement is not as high as that of the traditional aerator. The phase voltage is 150V-250V, and the three-phase voltage is within the range of 300V-400V.