Advantages and disadvantages of frequency conversion aerator

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Advantages and disadvantages of frequency conversion aerator

Update:16 Jan 2021

Every summer, there will always be dead fish incidents […]

Every summer, there will always be dead fish incidents caused by the failure of aquatic aerators. What is more serious is that it is often heard that farmers get electrocuted in the water in order to repair the aerators. Is there an aerator that is safe and durable? So the frequency conversion aerator is available. With its three characteristics of strong aeration ability, saving electricity bills than ordinary aerators, and continuous operation without pressure, it is welcomed by farmers and quickly opened the market. The load surface of the frequency conversion aerator depends on the kinetic energy. The load area is small and the oxygen increase effect is fast. The start-up voltage of the aerator adopts three-phase four-wire cables, and a spring washer should be added under the motor connection nut to prevent vibration from disconnecting and to ensure safety. The continuous operation time of the aerator should not exceed twelve hours, and you should always pay attention to whether the aquatic aerator has abnormal noise, abnormal impact or vibration. Pay attention to the buoyancy of the motor and the observation pontoon to prevent water leakage and sinking. In order to save the cost of money and time, the frequency conversion aerator is now playing an increasingly important role in the fishermen’s breeding work. It can effectively reduce the labor workload and personnel costs, and can automatically set the feeding time and feeding. The interval of feeding is also the amount of feeding, the feeding distance can be adjusted, and the feeding angle is about 90 degrees.


The advantages of variable frequency aerator are:
1. Simplify the processing, manufacturing, immersion plating or painting procedures, reduce working hours and power consumption, and alleviate environmental pollution.
2. The surface of the product is bright and smooth, with bright colors, no color, no rust, anti-aging, no deformation, and easy to clean.
3. This is a kind of plastics instead of steel boxes, saving steel.
4. The materials used in the various parts of the box are injection-molded by high-pressure injection to produce boxes with various colors.
5. The use of plastic has good safety performance. The fully automatic fish pond feeding function can replace manual labor and can automatically spray various specifications of pellet feed to feed the fish at a fixed time and quantitatively.


Aquatic aerator is about the housing of frequency conversion aerator. The blower and motor housing are cast separately. Nameplate information, clear nameplate information, let your fan have a better understanding and more reasonable use of the fan with the help of relevant parameters. Adopting special blade design, the blade has high manufacturing degree, wear resistance, high wind force and long service life. The unique sealing form between the impeller and the pump body reduces the pressure loss of high-pressure gas. The use of water as a dust removal medium is characterized by high dust removal efficiency, high energy consumption, and difficult treatment of the generated sewage. Pneumatic dust removal system. This is the main force of dust removal in the current wood industry. Capsule filling machines, photo platesetters, metering feeding systems, and screening equipment are used in the related industries of frequency aerators. Volatile and gas at the bottom of the oxidation pond. The spray is in the form of mist, which can greatly increase the contact area between water and air, thereby increasing the oxygenation capacity. Another way to save money for variable frequency aerators is to save electricity. Like inverter refrigerators and inverter air conditioners, this aerator can also achieve the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and power saving. The aquatic aerator can still keep operating when the voltage is unstable or a sudden lack of phase, and the motor will not be burned.


It is understood that the frequency conversion aerator adopts a broadband electronic control mode. When the voltage is unstable, the controller will automatically frequency conversion, which will not affect the aeration ability. The heat dissipation system of the frequency conversion aerator is different from the ordinary aerator. The heat dissipation fan and the fan core of the fan of the traditional aerator use the same wire. When the frequency of the fan is too low, the wire may be burned out due to overheating. In the variable frequency motor, these two are separated, which can avoid this situation. The frequency conversion aerator adopts gearless transmission, which has high transmission efficiency, low noise and reduced energy consumption. Because there is no gear transmission, it reduces wear and tear, so it can realize non-stop operation and extend its service life.