A little knowledge of the application scope of fish pond aerator

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A little knowledge of the application scope of fish pond aerator

Update:20 Mar 2020

The fish pond aerator is an indispensable tool for mode […]

The fish pond aerator is an indispensable tool for modern aquaculture. Its main role is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish is not anoxic. At the same time, it can prevent the deterioration of the pond water and the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water, which threatens the fish Class living environment. There are the following types of aerators commonly used in China. The manufacturers of aerators will sort out the advantages, disadvantages and applicable conditions of different aerators as follows:

Waterwheel type aerator

It has a good effect of increasing oxygen and promoting the flow of water. It is suitable for ponds with deep silt. It has a strong push flow effect and the surface of the water body has a significant increase in oxygen. It is generally suitable for shrimps and crabs.

Impeller aerator

It has the comprehensive functions of aeration, agitation, and gas explosion. Its aeration capacity and power efficiency are better than other models, but the operation noise is relatively large. It is generally used for large-scale pond culture with a water depth of more than 1 meter. Oxygen engine has good power effect and large working area, which is suitable for raising four big fish.

Water jet aerator

It has a good oxygen-enhancing function, which can rapidly increase the dissolved oxygen in the surface water body in a short period of time. At the same time, it also has the effect of artistic appreciation. It is suitable for use in fish ponds in gardens or tourist areas. Water spray aerators can aerate small-scale ponds, but large-scale aquaculture is really inappropriate. It is suitable for small-scale fish ponds and fishing grounds in garden-type tourist areas.

Jet aerator

Its aerodynamic power efficiency exceeds that of waterwheel type, inflatable type, water jet type and other types of aerators. Its simple structure can form water flow and stir water bodies. The jet-type aerator can gently aerate the water body without damaging the fish body, and is suitable for aeration use in fry ponds. Jet aerators are suitable for deepwater aquaculture and longer ponds.

Inhalation aerator

The air is sucked into the water through negative pressure suction, and the water is vortexed to advance the water, so the mixing force is strong. Its ability to aerate the lower layer of water is stronger than that of the impeller type aerator, and its ability to aerate the upper layer of water is slightly inferior to that of the impeller type. The deeper the water, the better the effect of the inflatable aerator. It can gently dissolve the oxygen in the water body without damaging the body of the fish and shrimp. ,the cost is too high.