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Side Channel Blower
1. The motor of the high-pressure blower is rated IP55 for protection and class F insulation level (heat resistant up to 155°), which extends its service life.
2. oil-free and water-free compression, air clean and sanitary.
3. All products adopt dual-frequency 50Hz/60Hz, wide voltage design, covering and meeting the voltage levels worldwide, enhancing stability.
4. The impeller and pump body are both cast y high-quality aluminum alloy mods, which improves the durability, stability, and ruggedness of the product. This ensures a high-precision manufacturing process and an attractive appearance.
5. Germany and Japan import high-precision CNC machine tools for processing, and strict performance testing and experiments are conducted to ensure product performance.
6. Good sealing performance, low noise, maintenance-free use, low mechanical wear, and long service life.

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Paddle Wheel Aerator

The Paddle Wheel Aerator is the main series of Jinhulong Company. It is durable, efficient, convenient, and can help fish ponds to aerate quickly and efficiently. Jinhulong Company has created countless high-quality conditions for high-density farming, which can help farmers improve economic benefits while efficiently farming and stabilizing output.

The main working principle of The Paddle Wheel Aerator is to use the motor as the power, decelerate through the reducer, and drive the impeller to rotate. When the aerator is working, part or all of the blades on the impeller are immersed in water. During the rotation process, when the blade just enters the water, the paddle hits the water surface, arouse the spray and presses the air into the water. It will generates a strong force that flow backwards at the same time. When the blade is perpendicular to the water surface, a force paralleled to the water surface is generated, forming a directional water flow. When the blade is about to leave the water, a negative pressure is formed on the back of the blade, which can lift the lower water. When the blade leaves the water surface, it lifts the water in the blade bend and the water on the blade. The water is further thrown into the air under the action of centrifugal force, thereby arousing strong spray, and further dissolving a large amount of air. The airflow formed by the rotation of the impeller can also accelerate the dissolution of the air.

Jinhulong Company has created countless high-quality conditions for high-density farming, which can help farmers improve economic benefits while efficiently farming and stabilizing output.

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Impeller Aerator

The Impeller Aerator consists of a motor, a reducer, an impeller and a pontoon. Jinhulong Impeller Aerators are divided into: Regular Impeller Aerator Series, Super Impeller Aerator Series, High Efficiency Water Cooling Impeller Aerator Series, and Main Accessories (Spare Parts) for Impeller Aerator.

The working principle of the Impeller Aerator is mechanical oxygenation. The motor is used as the main power. The main engine drives the impeller to rotate and stir the water surface, which increases the contact area between the air and the water body and increases the concentration and content of oxygen in the water. At the same time, it speeds up the transfer and diffusion of oxygen in the air to the water, and finally makes the dissolved oxygen increase rapidly in the surrounding water body, providing a large number of growth environments for farmed fish and shrimp.

The Impeller Aerator has large power, high efficiency, and strong oxygenation effect. It has tons of advantages. First of all, it can purify the aquaculture water, improve the quality of water, provide conditions for the growth of fish and shrimp, and inhibit the damage caused by some germs and bacteria to the water. Moreover, it can help aquaculture farmers to raise efficiently by increasing breeding density, farming production and profit. While improving the quality, it can bring benefits to the natural environment: Impeller Aerator helps increase the oxygen content of the water body, improves the water environment, and reduces sewage discharge.

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Other Aerators
Jinhulong Company boasts a diverse range of Other Aerators, each designed to cater to specific aquatic environments and address unique water quality challenges. These innovative aerators play a pivotal role in enhancing oxygenation, promoting water circulation, and fostering a healthier ecosystem in various settings.
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