Frequency Conversion Aerator Manufacturers

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Frequency Conversion Aerator

Frequency Conversion Aerator

Product introduction:

1. No gear transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, high transmission efficiency, greatly improving the various drawbacks of traditional impeller gear transmission and prolonging the service life;


2.power saving up to nearly 50%, about one hour, when the voltage is high, the controller intelligent automatic frequency conversion, the highest power, does not affect the oxygen-enhancing capacity;


3.integrated variable frequency controller, motor short circuit protection, high waterproof level, good sealing;


4.the oxygenation efficiency is comparable to the ordinary 3kW aerator, high oxygen efficiency;


5.start slowly, do not hurt fish, shrimps and crabs.

Technical parameter

Model Power Voltage V/50Hz Oxygentranster capacity kg/h Power efficiency kg/kW.h Loading Area
YLY-1.5 1.5 2 220 ≥2.6 ≥1.5 4-8

An Frequency Conversion Aerator with different voltage, frequency and power can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipment combination

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