Deep-Water Jet Aerator Manufacturers

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Deep-Water Jet Aerator

Deep-Water Jet Aerator

Product introduction:

1. Provide the best oxygen-supply equipment to aquaculture farmers with its innovative machinery design.

2. Suitable for salt and fresh water culturing and industrial waste water treatment.

3. Provide a high level of dissolved oxygen, balance the water temperature, purify the water and make strong water flow, increase aquaculture yields and improve water quality management.

4. High durability and high strength prolong the service life; resistance of acid and alkalinity, sun exposure and salt water erosion.

5. Reduced number of components make it easy to install, zero fault in handling, easy maintenance and low cost.

6. Lightweight, easy to assemble, install and move.

Technical parameter

Float boat Support template Adjustment Bar Host Volume Motor Cover Impeller
32×19×160   Φ30×510L Φ122×596L 2HP×2P 810L×290W×280H Φ51×36H


An Deep-Water Jet Aerator with different voltage, frequency and power can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipment combination

Model Phase Power Poles Impeller amount Dimensions Stowage Volume QTY per 40ctnr Ability of increasing oxygen Dynamic efficiency Insulated resistance
YSL-1.5 3 1.5kW 2 1 1280L×740W×900H 0.40m3 180 0.99kg/h 0.82kg/kW.h 200MΩ