Biology Insect Collection Device Manufacturers

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Biology Insect Collection Device

Biology Insect Collection Device

Product introduction:

1. Using the phototaxis of organisms, efficiently collect excess zooplankton and rotifers in aquaculture water, reduce biological oxygen consumption, and improve the growth environment of phytoplankton.

2. save costs, avoid the risk of pesticides, do not pollute the environment, protect the biodiversity of water bodies.

3. The captured worms can be processed into bait for aquaculture animals such as fish, shrimps and crabs or directly into the puddle pond as an open bait. efficient (12V, 45W), simple installation, cheap accessories (only need to replace the insect network).

5.stainless steel material, durable, can be collected according to user requirements (need to order some accessories).

Technical parameter

An Biology Insect Collection Device with different voltage, frequency and power can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipment combination

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