High Efficiency Water Cooling impeller Aerator Manufacturers

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High Efficiency Water Cooling impeller Aerator

High Efficiency Water Cooling impeller Aerator

Product introduction:

This equipment is based on the traditional aerator, combined with our company's latest utility model patent technology, and has the simplest structure and reliable power transmission system. The biggest change is to replace the gear box with a simple gear pair, thereby achieving an efficient and environmentally friendly breeding environment. It can fully improve the water quality of fish ponds, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, ensure the survival conditions of aquatic products such as fish and shrimp, reduce the cost of aquaculture, increase the density of aquaculture, and promote high-quality, stable and high-yield aquatic products.

1. The gear pair used in this machine does not need lubrication and refueling, so there is no problem of leakage and pollution of water quality, thereby forming a good breeding environment. Is a new generation of waterwheel aquaculture machinery and equipment.

2. The traditional transmission mechanism is changed, and the first-level transmission is used to reduce the mechanical loss and greatly improve the energy saving efficiency.

3.Water-cooled host, high efficiency, the motor design software optimizes the electromagnetic design scheme, and the structural protection level of the product is increased from IP54 to IP66 of the similar products, which can completely prevent dust from entering and can withstand strong water spray from any direction. Heavy rain without harmful effects, in line with national standards for anti-immersion motor requirements.

4. This series of aerators have the characteristics of large agitating water, large flow range, low maintenance cost, novel and reliable structure, low starting voltage and long service life. The impeller speed is increased based on traditional impeller machinery and equipment. The structure of the impeller is optimized, and the oxygen increase effect is increased by more than 20%, and the reliability of use is greatly improved.




Supporting power KW



Rated voltage V

380(The voltage is written separately as before220V)





Aeration capacity kg / h



Power efficiency kg / kw.h



Weight kg



Overall dimensions mm



There are three specifications  380V 1.5kW    220V 1.5kW(These two other parameters are the same)

380V 3kW   




Technical parameter

An High Efficiency Water Cooling impeller Aerator with different voltage, frequency and power can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipment combination