What to pay attention to when using fish pond aerator

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What to pay attention to when using fish pond aerator

Update:26 Sep 2020

Fish pond aerator is an indispensable fishery machinery […]

Fish pond aerator is an indispensable fishery machinery for fish farmers. Only when it is used correctly can it play a greater role. What should you pay attention to when using fish pond aerator?


The power supply used by the aerator in fish pond is 380 V three-phase power. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity. The knife switch should be installed in the rain proof place to avoid moisture and leakage. The aerator can be seen at the switch position, so that the power can be switched off immediately if abnormal conditions are found during startup. The wire from the aerator to the knife switch must be made by the regular manufacturer, and generally 3 & times; 1.5 cable is used.

At present, the most widely used is the impeller aerator, which has three functions: aeration, aeration and water temperature regulation. By rotating the impeller to stir the water, the fresh air in the atmosphere is dissolved into the water, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing oxygen; at the same time, the rotating impeller transfers the upper water pressure to the lower layer, which not only delivers the fresh air, but also discharges the waste gas at the bottom of the pond; when the weather is hot, the temperature difference between the upper and lower layers is large, and stirring the water body can balance the water temperature.


The impeller aerator is divided into 1.5KW and 3KW specifications. The 1.5KW aerator can be selected for the fish pond less than 5mu, and 3KW aerator should be selected for the fish pond with more than 5mu. If the fish pond area is more than 10mu, one aerator can be installed at both ends of the fish pond. After the aerator is installed, the gear oil should be filled into the gearbox according to the regulations. After putting the aerator down in the fish pond, it is necessary to check whether the impeller is balanced into the water. The impeller can be balanced by filling water to three floating balls. The impeller should be submerged about 1cm in the water.


Only by mastering the correct start-up time can we achieve better oxygenation effect. Some fish farmers only turn on the machine when they find the fish floating head. This is not correct. The fish has been damaged by hypoxia.


The correct start-up mode should be before the occurrence of hypoxia, so as to ensure that fish do not lack of oxygen, which is conducive to their healthy growth. In fact, fish farmers have experience in this respect. In general, it is easy to lack oxygen in the latter half of the night. The weather is muggy and hot, especially when the air pressure is low before the rain. When the weather changes rapidly, it is most likely to suffer from anoxic flooding. After applying manure to the fish pond, it is also easy to suffer from anoxia.


Therefore, the machine should be turned on for 3-4 hours or more in the latter half of the night. When the weather changes, it should be started up in time. In a word, it should be turned on in time as long as there is hypoxia. In addition, when the weather is hot, it can be turned on for a short time at noon to adjust the water temperature. But pay attention to the weather. Do not turn on the machine in the evening when it is sunny, because the phytoplankton in the water can produce a lot of oxygen under the sunlight, which will drive out the oxygen in the water instead.