Maintenance of aerators

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Maintenance of aerators

Update:14 Jan 2022

1. Maintenance of the motor ①Keep the motor operating e […]

1. Maintenance of the motor
①Keep the motor operating environment dry, and clean the dust inside the rotor on time.
② When the motor runs for about 4000 hours, add or replace the grease once; during the running of the motor, if the bearing overheats or the grease deteriorates, the grease should be replaced in time. When replacing the grease, first remove the old grease, then use gasoline to clean the oil tank of the bearing and bearing cover, and then fill the cavity of 1/2 of the inner and outer rings with zl-3 lithium-based grease.
③ When the motor bearing is damaged or reaches the limit of use, the bearing should be replaced in time.
④When the rotor of the motor is cold or hot, use a plug gauge to measure the air gap on both sides of the rotor. If the difference between the largest and the smallest air gap on both sides of the rotor is 10%, the center line should be corrected in time to make it reach Until the size of the air gap value is less than 10%, this work should be carried out twice a year.
⑤ Carefully check whether the slip ring is out of round, check whether the slip ring is burnt by sparks, check whether the oxidation of the slip ring is serious, and check whether the brush is jumping violently. This work should be done once or twice a year.
⑥ Under the normal operating conditions of the motor, the insulation resistance between the windings and the windings to the ground should be remotely measured every 2 months, and the problems should be solved in time.
⑦ When the motor is not used for a long time, the whole machine should be removed from the water surface, then the motor should be removed for maintenance, then the motor should be wiped clean, coated with lubricating oil to prevent rust, and stored in a dry and ventilated room.



2. Maintenance of the gearbox

The gearbox is a heavy cast iron box, and a certain amount of oil is stored in it for the lubrication of the gears. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection frequently:
① Check whether the oil inside has deteriorated. If there is deterioration, it should be replaced in time.
② Check whether the oil inside is at the specified oil level. If the quantity is insufficient and cannot meet the lubrication requirements, you should add new oil to the specified oil level in time.
③ Change the oil in the reduction box every 6 months. When replacing the oil, drain the old oil first, then use diesel to clean the iron filings and sediment inside, and then refill the new oil to the specified oil level.
④ Always check whether the bolts on the reduction box are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time.
⑤ Always check whether the sealing gasket of the reduction box is damaged. If it is damaged and oil leakage occurs, it should be replaced with a new gasket in time.


3. Maintenance of impeller and floating bucket
① Always check whether the draft of the impeller exceeds the water line. If the draft is above the waterline, there is a leak in the floating bucket. Repair the floating bucket in time and load the water to the designated position to ensure that the impeller does not exceed the waterline for a long time.
②Check whether the technical condition of the impeller is good in time. If the impeller is deformed or damaged, it should be corrected or replaced with a new impeller in time to ensure the normal operation of the impeller.
③ Check the welding place of the floating bucket once every 6 months for corrosion and water leakage. If there is corrosion and water leakage, it should be repaired by welding in time to ensure the normal operation of the floating bucket.


4. Line maintenance
①Check whether the connectors in the circuit and the circuit of the motor junction box are loose, and tighten them in time to ensure the normal operation of the motor.
②Check whether the line is running without phase on time. If there is running without phase, it should be repaired in time.
③ Always check whether the junction box is corroded by water. If there is water corrosion, waterproof protection should be done in time to prevent leakage.