Installation range of vortex-concave aerator equipment

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Installation range of vortex-concave aerator equipment

Update:27 Aug 2020

The vortex air flotation aerator is mainly used for sol […]

The vortex air flotation aerator is mainly used for solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. Through the dissolved air and release system, a large number of fine bubbles are generated in the water, making them adhere to the solid or liquid particles in the wastewater with a density close to that of water, forming a state where the overall density is less than water, and relying on buoyancy to make it rise to the surface of the water. Reach the purpose of solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.


Scope of application
1. Separate suspended oil and emulsified oil
2. It can replace the secondary settling tank of the activated sludge method to stop the solid-liquid separation of the outflow mixed liquid of the aeration tank
3. Separate useful substances in industrial wastewater (such as pulp)
4. Substances that can be separated in molecular or ionic state


Installation and working principle of vortex-concave air flotation aerator

The working principle of air flotation installation is to make a proper amount of air and partial reflux water form a saturated dissolved air carrier in the dissolved gas tank under a certain pressure (0.35~0.45Mpa), and the release device is suddenly decompressed to obtain a large number of fine bubbles, which is fast It adheres to movable particles in water, emulsified oil, baths and flocs that have undergone coagulation to form a state where the specific gravity of the flocs is less than that of water, and is forced to float quickly on the water surface to achieve solid-liquid separation.



Advantages of installation of vortex-concave air flotation aerator
1. Low power consumption rate, 0.1kw/h per ton of water (take 100T/h as an example), cumbersome operation and easy to further automation.
2. Stable operation, good air flotation performance, strong capture ability, and further improve the purification effect.
3. It can work with the pressure of the reflux pump itself. According to different water quality conditions, the required different gas-water ratio can be adjusted at any time within the pressure of 0.35~0.45Mpa.


The installation body is composed of five parts, the pool body, the rotating water distribution mechanism, the frame mechanism, and the water collection mechanism. The water inlet and outlet and the scum discharge outlet are all concentrated in the central area of ​​the pool. The water distribution mechanism, water collection mechanism, and dissolved air release mechanism are all closely connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the pool.