Aerator manufacturers teach you a reasonable way to use pond aerators

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Aerator manufacturers teach you a reasonable way to use pond aerators

Update:01 Jun 2020

The fan of the hydrolysis and acidification pond in the […]

The fan of the hydrolysis and acidification pond in the fishing pond is one of the necessary industrial equipment for raising and increasing production and high efficiency. Reasonable use of mechanical filters can not only avoid and alleviate floating heads, but also improve water bodies, improve the circulation water system of water conservancy hubs, and promote the reproduction of mayflies. It is one of the feeding machinery widely used in the fish farming industry at this stage. The key is to increase the oxygen content in the pool water, considering the o2 required by freshwater fish. The aeration pump has the advantages of faster aeration rate and high aeration efficiency, which can effectively and quickly solve the situation of fish floating head and fish death caused by hypoxia in the pool. Scientific research on fish farming, development trend, feeding density, development Trend pool enterprises occupy an area of ​​production and manufacturing, and the development trend feeds economic benefits;


It is pointed out that the fan is a kind of equipment commonly used in the aquaculture industry. Its key function is to increase the oxygen content in the water, ensure that the freshwater fish in the water are not easily hypoxic, and at the same time inhibit the growth and development of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the water and avoid the water mold in the pool. Aerators generally rely on its built-in air pump to pump gas into water;


The model of high pressure aeration fan should be matched with the water level and total area of ​​the pond, but the key consideration is the water level. 3KW aeration fan, suitable for-meter water level, KW aeration fan, suitable for-meter water level; if impeller-type oxygenation is applied in the water level below the meter, the pool sludge will rise, resulting in increased biochemical oxygen consumption, but reduced Dissolved oxygen in the pond.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to install sprinkler aerators in ponds with a water level of not enough meters. To expand the total area of ​​sprinkling or add oxygen to the water immediately.


It is suitable for a pond with a yield of 500-800KG per 10 acres, and a 3KW aeration fan to be equipped on the river surface of 3-5 acres.

It is suitable to equip a pond with an output of 800-1500KG per 10 acres and a KW aeration fan on the 5-8 acres; it can also be used to make a 3-5 m deep hydrolytic acidification tank according to customer regulations.

Aerator manufacturers introduce the model specification and application of Yutang aerator high pressure fan in detail:


On the other hand, the aquaculture blower motor is mainly based on the oxygen oxidation hydrolysis reaction of the air oxidation pool blower motor, and the compressed air is released from the ultra-fine particles bubbles and ultra-fine particles from the diffuser equipment equipped in the feeding water In the entire process of rising, the bubble performs convective heat transfer with water, so that the oxygen slowly melts in the water body and becomes dissolved oxygen. The oxygenation machinery and equipment that fully consider the excess gas index of seafood microbial strains.

2. Models and specifications of the key applications of aquaculture aeration fans: 2KW aeration fan, 3KW aeration fan, 11KW aeration fan, 15KW aeration fan, 1KW aeration fan, 20KW aeration fan, 25KW aeration fan

Application characteristics of Yutang hydrolytic acidification pool fan:


1. Ultra-low energy consumption: because of the use of micro-well plate hydrolysis and acidification tank oxygenation equipment, the convection heat transfer of oxygen is highly efficient, so that the dissolved oxygen in the water body of the enterprise can be quickly up and down, without the need of sprinklers or centrifugal impellers One-quarter energy consumption can greatly save the cost of water and electricity in the farm.


2. Carry out ecological farming to ensure the economic benefits of breeding: the continuous oxygen production of the microplate shows that the water body has sufficient dissolved oxygen, the self-cleaning ability of the water body can be repaired and improved, the natural balance of pathogens and algae, the ecology of the water body The basic construction of the environment and the survival of the re-capture method of breeding labeling have been steadily improved to ensure sufficient economic benefits of breeding.


3. Safety factor, environmental protection: the micropore plate hydrolytic acidification tank oxygenation equipment is installed on the ground, the safety factor is good, it is not easy to produce all environmental pollution to the water body, other oxygenation methods are working in water, it is very easy to walk Electricity is potentially harmful to the body and shrimp.


4. Convenient maintenance: This product is light and durable, easy to maintain.

The aerator manufacturers said that dissolved oxygen in water is an indispensable condition for aerobic aquatic organisms. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water body is critical to the water body and fish farming industry. Many people calculated that freshwater fish killed due to lack of oxygen accounted for 60% of the total mortality. The growth and development rate of carp in mg / liter of dissolved oxygen was increased by more than mg / liter, and the feed index was reduced by a factor of two.


5. High-efficiency oxygen-holding: Because the bubbles caused by the ultra-fine pore-hydrolysis acidification tank are huge in the water body and the water surface, the water flow of the upward adjustment is low, and the contact time is long, so the convection heat transfer of oxygen is extremely efficient.


6. Active water body: The micropore plate hydrolysis acidification tank oxygenation equipment is like turning the water body into a hundred million slowly flowing rivers. The abundant dissolved oxygen allows the water body to create a natural ecosystem and let the water live.


7. Repair the water body's own flushing effect: the oxygen increase in the micro-well plate hydrolysis oxidation tank is the oxygen increase in the water, and the other oxygen increase is the oxygen increase in the surface layer. Organic chemical feces, moldy refined feed, and other indestructible organic compounds consume a lot of oxygen, and the aeration in the rich microplate hydrolytic oxidation tank is converted into organic compounds that dissolve microbial strain